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Welcome to the "Frutado company"

"Frutado" is a medium-sized company located in Germany which produces and distributes soft drinks for its customers. It serves to demonstrate the various operational planning tasks arising in many industrial companies as well as their solutions by means of Advanced Planning Systems (like SAP® APO).

As a student you will

  • be able to download various learning units free of charge from this website,
  • get insights how the different modules of an APS can be modeled to best represent a company´s planning tasks and how a solution by SAP® APO will look like,
  • have the "look and feel" of actually working with a real APS - although you can use the Frutado learning units offline on your personal computer or laptop anywhere you like.

Needless to say that many industrial employers or consultancy companies really will appreciate the skills provided here. To accompany and support your efforts we recommend our textbook Advanced Planning in Supply Chains.
Still, there are two drawbacks worth mentioning:
It will take some of your valuable time and it will require skills usually provided in introductory bachelor courses on "Production and Logistics" and "Operations Research"!

Now, we wish you a great time working through our Frutado learning units!

As a lecturer click here.