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Welcome to the "Frutado company"

"Frutado" is a medium-sized company located in Germany which produces and distributes soft drinks for its customers. It serves to demonstrate the various operational planning tasks arising in many industrial companies as well as their solutions by means of Advanced Planning Systems (like SAPŪ APO).

As a lecturer we can provide you with additional Power Point slides containing

Please contact us by indicating your institution/employer, the title of the course and the expected number of attending students.
The only requirement for providing the course material will be that it will be limited to non-commercial courses. Furthermore, the exercises/answers as well as the course material must not be made accessible via the internet etc. (e.g. in the form of a download). The course material provided can be modified according to your requirements but may only be handed out to a third party (e.g. students) as a hard copy or a .pdf file.

General Remarks

The set of slides is intended to reduce preparatory work of lecturers remarkably. However, it is not complete in the sense that every aspect discussed in the book is presented. Consequently, there will be some sections contained in the contentīs structure without slides. You may either discard such a section or add your own slides.

Recommendations and Comments Regarding the Best Use of the Frutado Slides

  • The set of Power Point slides is intended for a Master course covering a minimum of 26 contact hours (ā 45 min.). Exercises and training with the help of the interactive Frutado learning units have to be added.
  • There is a set of slides for each chapter of the book.
  • Each chapter includes slides about its structure, main definitions, a basic model formulation (if applicable), main messages, all screenshots and the bibliography.
  • You should feel free to add or discard slides as appropriate. The same applies for making references.